Anyone who can think, can meditate

It is so simple even children can do it. Yet the results are profound. Even from the first time you meditate you will experience deep rest, increased vitality and energy. It is NOT a religion or faith based technique: you won’t have to shave your head or wear funny clothes!

How do I learn?
The first step is to come and see me. I run introductory talks on a Monday 6.30-7.30pm. Please email me to reserve your spot.

This easy and lifelong technique is learnt in just a few hours, but uniquely, the course runs over 4 consecutive days. THis means you integrate the practce, from the beginning, into your daily life.

By the end of the course you will have a sustainable practice. You are of course always welcome to ask questions and attend group meditations to top up, and guide, your personal journey. Paying the course fee also entitles you to sit in again on future beginners courses with myself or colleagues as a refresher.

All it takes to learn is a genuine curiosity, and willingness to follow a few simple instructions. There is a fee, on a sliding scale based on a week’s earnings, but money should never be a barrier to learning.

Day 1  

You will receive personal instruction on how to meditate and we get you meditating straight, feeling the benefits immediately. 

(1 hour) 

Day 2  

We go into detail about the mechanics of the practice, refining your techinque and how to effectively fit the practice into your daily life.

(1.5 hours)

Day 3  

We explore the effect stress has on our physiology and why our meditation practice is so good for removing stress and fatigue.

(1.5 hours)

Day 4 

A vision of the goal: What to look forward to as we integrate our daily meditation practice into our lives. 

(1.5 hours)


Upcoming Courses

I teach monthly from my home in rural Kent. We can also arrange private courses.

30 May-2 June

26- 29 July

23-26 August

20-23 September

25-28 October

I run introductory talks on a Monday 6.30-7.30pm. Please email me to reserve your spot.



Free Introductory Session

Before you learn, have your questions answered at a free taster and introduction.
There are various opportunities to do this: 

  • Mondays 6.30-7.30 at my home in Cobham, Kent Book a spot - contact us here or via our Facebook Page

  • Invite me to your home, group or office. Get in touch to find out more.

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Course Fees and Pricing

Students choose their own course fee from the options below and base this personal decision on their income. This type of equitable exchange is a practice from India dating back thousands of years and is an effort on our part to maintain the purity and consistency of the teaching tradition.

Because students of higher means subsidize students of lesser means, the honour system is in effect (don’t worry — we won’t be asking for proof of income or checking tax returns). Choosing one’s own course fee allows everyone who wants to learn the ability to take the course.

The yearly income breakdown below is an equitable guideline (only) and the decision is completely up to you based on your highest integrity. It’s traditional that the course fee is commensurate with one week’s earnings. We have a minimum of £400 in place to reflect the value of this technique and its lifelong nature.  If your weekly/yearly earnings model is greater than the minimum, you’ll choose one of the higher course fees. Exchange and payment plans can be arranged on request.

If you’re unemployed, a student, or don’t have a regular income, you may also substitute weekly earnings or the yearly income guidelines below with what you spend in a week/year versus what you earn in a week/year. Money should not be a barrier to learning, so if you have a question, please get in touch and we can find something that feels right for all parties.

Course Fee and Yearly Income Breakdown

£400 course fee (yearly income of up to £25k)

£600 course fee (yearly income of £25k – 50k)

£1000 course fee (yearly income of £50k – 100k)

£1750 course fee (yearly income of £100k +)