Diwali, Sunday 15th November

Hello! Diwali is a good excuse for lighting candles, and usually, a lot of fireworks. There is an epic tale (the Ramayana) behind the tradition of Diwali. It contains all the usual Vedic characters and subplots: kingdoms lost and won, demons, monkey gods, banishment and of course an all conquering, powerful love.

Diwali is a chance to welcome in abundance and wealth into your house, whilst bringing light and colour to a winter's evening. I would like to invite you to join a group meditation with lots of candles, and afterwards please stay for a bite to eat. If there is interest, we could watch a modern animated take on the Ramayana, created by Nina Paley (one of the early artists to distribute her work freely, ie widely and for free). There is a trailer here if you want a flavour:   http://sitasingstheblues.com/watch.html

If you can't join us, be sure to get your meditations in today. You can welcome in abundance by having a light in each window of the house. A 'diva' oil lamp or  candle is traditional, but of course please be safe with naked flames!

Here's wishing us all light and abundance for the year season ahead.