Getting even closer to nature

The summer is here. It is the most beautiful place to be: outside on a sunny day in the UK. The grass is still green, the flowers are lush and aromatic, and most of all people wear the smiles of those who know this too will pass......

At the request of the group, we have begun meditating outside when possible. We have a 'summer house' that once was a fully contained and heated hothouse home to my great grandmother's tropical ferns. And quite often I imagine she installed herself here too, savouring the warmth. I send belated gratitude to the series of gardeners who woke early to stoke the boiler to create the steam that came in through the pipes.

Now this space is really half a house: just half the walls and some roof beams which hold a small area of cane weaving. But there are chairs, and that is all we meditators need. As it is inside, everyone has their preference: hardbacked, or soft? sun or shade? and I enjoy watching people indulge their simple, natural, desire be comfortable. We settle in, we gently chat about the day, we close our eyes and get ready to dive.

Ah nature. The sounds of the birds (and the traffic) and the gentle blessing of the warm air on our face, are all closer here. It is a different experience to being inside, we all agree. Different, but equally lovely. Or as the Indians say, 'same, same but different'.