Enlightenment is like....a cup of tea.

Enlightenment is like....a cup of tea.

I crave tea. I crave what a cup of tea represents. I am so busy providing for others I rarely make one and have time to sit and drink it from start to finish. 

When I go to work, one of the highlights is that I can drink two or more whole cups of tea in a day, no child on my lap, no disturbances. 

Of course, the reason I crave these things is that I currently don't get them. When I had lots of tea drinking time, I yearned for motherhood. 

It is not to say that one is right or wrong or better or worse. The point is we are always moving from where we are now to someplace else. Life is transient, or transcendent in fact. We move beyond. 

Of course, the actual best cup of tea is the one I make and drink with my baby, whilst he is playing around and doing his stuff, but when I have enough presence within myself to savour the experience of the tea and the joy and bliss of the baby. 

Meditation (or enlightenment?) that requires everything else to stop is not in fact enlightened. Life has to and will continue. Meditation that expands our ability to 'include' (i.e. To feel more than one emotion or experience at a time) is what we want.