Cacao Ceremony and Gong Bath

Come along and see what happens when you dive into ceremony - embrace your inner magic and connect with nature around you. We use raw chocolate (cacao) as a plant medicine to help people on a guided journey. It has been used for centuries to release negative emotions and connect to pure heart energy. We combine this with a sound healing from an amazing gong master to make this a transformative afternoon of deep rest and nurture.

Date: 1st June (next one on 30th June)

Time: 3-7pm Venue: The Forge Retreat, Kent, DA13 0QP

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Beginner's Courses:

I teach monthly from my home in rural Kent. We can also arrange private courses.

30 May-2 June

26- 29 July

23-26 August

20-23 September

25-28 October

I run introductory talks on a Monday 6.30-7.30pm. Please email me to reserve your spot.




Sundays 5pm Stable House, Owletts, Cobham, Kent.

Open to everyone, any experience or tradition. This is a free meditation group.

Camilla is so welcoming. I really enjoyed the session. Much easier than I thought it would be. Loved the open fire crackling away.
— Kaye Sedgwick-Jones - Upchurch, Kent

Advanced Course in Rounding

Rounding allows us to deepen our meditation practice with gentle asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and a ten minute relaxation after your meditation.

Rounding allows us to more quickly dive into the field of unbounded Being and bliss.  Rounding retreats give a weekend of 'industrial strength' rest. We also use them in our day retreats, details below.

By Private Appointment

To learn rounding please email Camilla to make a private appointment, which takes 2 hours, £95

Exploring The Veda Course

In a six-seminar course of 73 hours recorded over a two year period, ThomKnoles delves deeply into the Veda and draws out wisdom that is nothing short of life-changing. Students of Exploring the Veda learn techniques for deepening meditation, for correcting the mistakes of the intellect, and for manifesting the life experiences that reveal true fulfilment.

If you have already heard the course, you are welcome to repeat.

Contact us for upcoming dates.

Mastering The Siddhis

The Mastering the Siddhis programme is an incredible immersion into the cognitions of the Indian seer, Maharishi Patanjali who, 2700 years ago wrote the 'Yoga Sutras'. This masterpiece contains the codes for harnessing all of the laws of nature to attain full mastery of one's individual potential.

Until recent times this ancient knowledge had remained hidden in the nuanced encryptions of his writings, known only to a select few.  It is now available to everyone practised in the art of Vedic meditation.

This course should be considered by those who wish to devote themselves to the highest echelons of spiritual mastery and who are willing and able to invest more time in their spiritual practice. 

Mastering of Siddhis is run on demand.

Meditation Day Retreats

Enjoy some Silence - 

You may want to bring a yoga mat or a journal and your favourite pens. I don't recommend reading - this is time to listen to a voice deeper than words - to the wisdom you hold within, or to the messages your receive from time in nature.

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