Our Story

Learn an ancient effortless technique in an English country garden.

Stable House Meditation is set in the grounds of Owletts, a well preserved example of a 17th century Kent country home. Owletts and its gardens have many treasures, which I was lucky to have around me as a child. Now as an adult, I am returned home, bringing with me experience of living in London, Philadelphia and Sydney.


Most importantly I bring with me my years of training to be a meditation teacher, especially time in the mountains of northern India. Meditation is the art of integrating action and rest. I first learnt this ancient technique during my busy city life, and now I love integrating this infinitely adaptive wisdom of the Himalayas into the grounds of my family's ancestral estate. Meditation brings you closer to (your) nature, and this a beautiful place to put that into practice.  

The challenge of parenthood is possible because I have a meditation technique that fits into this new life, and helps me maintain sanity! It allows me to quickly catch up on rest, when I have a moment to do so. More than that, though, is the first hand knowledge it gives me of an important Vedic principle: that the universe regards us as we regard babies. So when my son is tired, cranky or frustrated, I remember when I felt like that, and realise that the laws of nature were doing their best for me, as I am doing so for him.